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*Public Safety

1.  Denarvis Mendenhall will acquire funding for conflict resolution and better community policing programs to eliminate gun violence, car-jackings and all other crimes that plague our communities.

*illegal Drugs 

2.  Denarvis Mendenhall will implement programs that will prevent and eradicate illegal drug use and overdoses.

*Environmental Cleanliness

3.  Denarvis Mendenhall will take the "Green Initiative" to start an anti-littering campaign, and create jobs to keep our communities clean and free of trash and debris.

*Lack of Youth Empowerment

4.  Denarvis Mendenhall will work towards building community centers that will encourage and empower our youth through educational, social, and recreational programs.

*Inflation & Taxes

5.  Denarvis Mendenhall will work to establish tax-relief programs for working-class people and their families


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Committee to Elect Denarvis Mendenhall
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