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Meet Denarvis

Denarvis Mendenhall has a life-long connection to the Illinois 7th Congressional District. With that said, he knows your struggles, cares, and concerns because he has experienced them as well.  As your Congressman, Denarvis will represent you to the best of his abilities, and always make decisions with you at the forefront.  To prepare himself for this awesome responsibility, Denarvis has worked for the U.S. Government for the past 25 years which includes serving our country for over four years of active duty in the United States Air Force. After being honorably discharged he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Northeastern Illinois University.  Denarvis has always given, and will continue to give all of his attention to listening to the concerns of the people who reside in the Illinois 7th Congressional District.

Candidate for Congress Denarvis Mendenhall has dedicated his life to public service and strongly believes in fighting for the right of all families to live, learn, and prosper in a clean, safe, and healthy community.  Denarvis will stand side by side with working families to champion for a living wage. He believes the taxpayer’s money should be invested in socioeconomic development, revitalizing our communities, the accountable use of taxpayer dollars, and an ethical & honest government.  Denarvis is committed to democracy, inclusion, equity, and believes that we need an elected official who truly has care and compassion for the people of the Illinois 7th Congressional District. We need someone who can build capacity both within and outside of all the ethnicities that the Illinois 7th Congressional District is comprised of.  When we bring communities together to create solutions such as developing constructive programs in order to reduce crime, it will empower our youth and teens to stay out of trouble. Senior citizens are the elder stakeholders and gatekeepers of information in our community. We need to embrace and learn from them to bridge our societal gaps and make sure they get the proper care and benefits while they reside amongst us as valued community assets.


Born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, Denarvis still has a strong presence in his community and is seeking the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his fellow 7th Congressional District constituents. Denarvis Mendenhall is an alumnus of Daniel Webster Elementary School, John Marshall High School, and Malcolm X College; All located in the Illinois 7th Congressional District.  Denarvis’ commitment to the community comes from his parents who both instilled the values of integrity, hard work, dedication, and compassion for people from all walks of life. Denarvis is no stranger to hard work and dedication. We are eagerly looking forward to your partnership in improving the 7th Congressional District and casting your vote for Mendenhall on Election Day in June of 2022. 

Committee to Elect Denarvis Mendenhall
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